Engineered for Innovation


Industrial Manufacturing

NESCO is strongly committed to manufacturing with a 30+ year track record. Each of our manufacturing businesses are positioned to respond successfully to customers’ dynamic needs with a strong knowledge and skill base that has been continuously invested in. The innovative work of the Industrial Group helps move technology forward throughout the world. This groups serves diversified industries including: transportation, steel, aerospace, defense, agriculture, and chemical.

The Industrial Group has plants throughout the US and its systems, parts and products are sold worldwide. Through internal growth and acquisition, this family of companies has achieved a strong manufacturing base in a wide variety of industries during the past thirty years.

Investment Criteria
NESCO has a strong tradition of investing in companies that specialize in the manufacture of heavy duty machines, parts, and products. We are primarily interested in the manufacturing base of precision engineered products with a global customer base. We look for investments that supply the B2B and niche markets that form the backbone of global manufacturing.

Material Handling

NESCO’s Material Handling group are leaders in advanced bulk material handling, providing turnkey services in the design, manufacture, and installation of conveyor systems and components. They serve the needs of many industrial markets by providing innovative, efficient solutions to complex material handling challenges. These include the development of unique high-angle conveyor systems designed to accommodate large capacities conveying at angles up to 90 degrees. This group is also the leading supplier of conveyors to the coal, aggregate, utilities, agriculture, and pulp and paper markets with an emphasis on quality and reliability. In addition, the Material Handing Group has developed and marketed systems for waste refuse handing, wood chips, food grain and conveying, and for the constructing of underground tunnels to convey material out of tunnel as the boring processes progresses.

Industrial Engines

The Industrial Engine Group is the leader in designing, manufacturing, and marketing of small to medium horsepower gasoline and diesel engines. These engines can be found in many industrial applications worldwide. Two major product lines are the Wisconsin series and Continental TM Series engine.

The Industrial Engine Group has numerous company owned and independent distributors worldwide supporting thousands of dealers and commercial clients throughout the world.

Industrial Machinery
Companies in NESCO’s industrial machinery group design and manufacture a diverse equipment that produce many different consumer products used every day by millions of people These include products as diverse and eclectic as diapers, shaving razors, electric light bulbs, and dry cell batteries as well as many more.